Get to Know Our President, Allie Hagmeyer

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October 3, 2022

Alexandra Hagmeyer, who goes by Allie, is President of AlignAI.


Allie grew up in Northwest, Ohio in the small town of Arcadia in the Findlay area. In 2011, Allie moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Ohio State University. What drew Allie to OSU was not only the programs OSU had to offer but moving into a big city from a small town.


Allie’s passion and skills in math is what drew her to pursue engineering. Engineering has many disciplines such as civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical, to name a few. While exploring the different types of engineering, Allie decided to pursue Integrated Systems Engineering. Integrated systems engineering involves designing, improving, and installing systems that affect people, material, information, equipment, and energy. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘people's engineer.’ Allie ultimately majored in integrated systems engineering, where she met Rehgan and Brendan.


Focusing on the human element is what fueled Allie’s passion in the field. While attending OSU, Allie had a manufacturing professor who became a mentor for her. Her professor and mentor had a lab at OSU, and she really enjoyed the hands-on application. While working in the lab, she ended up specializing in manufacturing engineering, and then did a leadership rotational program in a tier one automotive supplier, Mahle. (formerly Delphi Thermal) 

While Allie spent some time moving around in her early career. Upon graduation from OSU, Allie secured a spot in a rotational program at Mahle where she moved to a few locations (Buffalo, NY, Dayton, Ohio & Troy, Michigan). During her time with Mahle, Allie earned her green belt in Six Sigma Engineer. Some of her accomplishments include projects that are attributed to cost savings of $1.5 million, logistics strategy, and cycle time improvement.


Allie has always had a soft spot for analytics. Working in manufacturing is an older industry, and during her time there she realized there were more ways to be efficient. Those more efficient ways are tapping into analytics, recording, and prediction. Given Allie’s relationship with Rehgan and the conversations they had, Allie knew there were tactical improvements the industry wasn’t tapping into yet.


Rather than be outpaced by the generation after us, Allie knew she had to adapt and move quickly to figure out how to roll out and scale capabilities in manufacturing.


Allie also managed a $3.1 Million annual value stream as an Operations Manager at Mahle. In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 shook the automotive industry. During this time, the shutdown swept the nation, and forced people to reconsider their careers. During this time Allie had reconnected with Rehgan & Brendan to found AlignAI. AlignAI was started as a consulting company known as Ikonos but has grown to be much more in a short 2 years.


Allie was asked where she sees AlignAI in the future, she said “I see a lot of AI is like the future of work when it comes to rolling out your AI capabilities and scaling those capabilities. The AI adoption platform is going to allow leaders to reduce the friction change by rolling out these tools, methods and processes that are aligned with artificial intelligence. AlignAI will help enable all those things. I see it being like one of the biggest environments if a company is running AI. AI is there to help their people activate different processes, tools, and methods.”


Allie’s favorite part of working at AlignAI is that it’s fast paced, and no one's ever complacent. We’re a very forward-thinking group and with our approach and plan.


When Allie isn’t working, she’s spending time with her husband and two fur babies, Meeko and Scoops. When Allie isn’t attending a Buckeye game with her husband, you can find her outside being active or at home playing board games. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and skiing. Traveling more to ski is one of her goals, especially to Norway. She’s called that a bucket list item.  

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