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AI or Die is the podcast where we hang out and talk about trends, news, and the great debate of AI. In each episode, hosts (and friends) Rehgan, Nick, and Brendan discuss topics and news in the data & AI space.

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Ep 14 - AI Strategy Needs Data Strategy

On this episode, we welcome Maria Villar, a seasoned expert with over 20 years of experience as a practitioner in data management and strategy. Maria has spent the last few years of her career working at SAP as the Head of Enterprise Data Strategy and Transformation. She is also a member of the Women Leaders in Data & AI (WLDA) network.

During this episode, we dive into her expertise in business data leadership, gaining valuable insights into the key challenges encountered in designing and executing data strategies. We discuss the leaders who are spearheading these initiatives and examine the influence of AI on data strategy as a whole. Additionally, we explore how data security and AI strategies together affect data strategy.

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Ep 13 - The Impact of AI on Teams

On this episode, we are joined by Alex Rogozhin, the Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence at Bread Financial. Alex has over twelve years of leadership experience in developing data science and machine learning solutions within the financial services sector. In his current role, Alex empowers high-performing teams to deliver AI/ML solutions that have a direct impact on the business performance.

During this episode, we discuss recent data and AI trends, the impact of emerging technologies on AI teams, and AI solutions as products for businesses. We also dive into how teams should evaluate the success and impact of AI systems, in addition to, how data scientists can support end-users to drive adoption and usage of these solutions.

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Ep 12 - Beyond Code: AI Data & Design

This week we are joined by Nicolay Christopher Gerold. In this episode, Nicolay (Nico) brings a unique blend of expertise with his rich background in GenAI, NLP, and LLMs. Nico discusses a practical approach to the real-world applications and implications of generative AI technologies.

During this episode, we dive into the multifaceted impacts of GenAI, discussing its role in data extraction, the challenges surrounding data governance and privacy, and the significance of synthetic data. Nico offers valuable insights on the future of AI user interfaces and the shift towards specialized AI models by making AI integrations more accessible and intuitive for users

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Ep 11 - AI in 2024: Emphasizing Execution Ft. Cal Al-Dhubaib

On this episode, our team welcomes guest Cal Al-Dhubaib, Founder of Pandata. The company specializes in AI solutions for high-risk sectors such as healthcare, financial services, and defense. This approach focuses on integrating trust into AI systems, while addressing the unique challenges and restrictions of these sensitive areas.

During this episode, we explore the transition from experimental AI projects in 2023 to a more execution-focused approach in 2024, highlighting the shift from innovation to operational budgets. We also cover the complexities of AI in high-risk areas, how best practices for AI safety are being established, and the significant role of AI in influencing critical decision-making across various industries.

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Ep 10 - Adopting AI for a ROI Ft. Maya Mikhailov

This week we are joined by Maya Mikhailov. Maya is the Co-Founder & CEO of SAVVI AI and on a mission to make all companies more competitive to leverage the power of AI and machine learning. The company has created a platform and tool to build, launch, and manage their own purposeful machine learning apps for practical everyday business decisions. The company does this in a responsible, transferable and auditable way that is crucial for enterprises who are leveraging machine learning and AI today.

On this episode, we discuss recent data and AI trends, how AI is impacting small and large companies, the build vs. buy AI conversation, and how companies are prioritizing use cases for adopting AI to fulfill company objectives.

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