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Case Studies

MLOps Capabilities & Model Performance

November 27, 2023

Release Prediction for Production and Quality - Case Study

Business Challenge

A large automotive manufacturer sought out AlignAI to enhance their predictive capabilities in estimating vehicle production and quality. They needed a set of best practices for building, testing, deploying, and iterating on machine learning models quickly. The AlignAI team enabled six customer team members including data scientists, data engineers, and business stakeholders from the sales department. The primary objective was to increase the performance and efficiency of their production and vehicle quality process leveraging machine learning and improve the overall model development and deployment process.

Business Solution

AlignAI was approached for its expertise in rolling out robust machine learning (ML) frameworks. The solution involved a detailed approach to capture the business decision-making process and potential impact. This included outlining current baselines, setting performance expectations for the models, and identifying the business outcomes driven by these improvements, such as enhanced customer experience and operational planning. 

Solution process: 

  • Discovery -  Engaged with various teams, including project management, IT, data engineering, data science, business, and operations, to understand strategic objectives and challenges with predicting release times of vehicles.
  • Alignment - Provided templates for capturing business decision processes and potential ROI. Set expectations of acceptable model performance and monitoring guidelines. 
  • Proof of Concept - AlignAI leveraged the customer’s Dataiku environment for modeling enhancements, deployment, and monitoring. Additionally, they provided custom training sessions to teach best practices on model testing, monitoring, and publishing.
  • Implementation -  Ran champion challenger scenarios to demonstrate tangible model improvements and quick iteration on model performance.
  • Sustainability - The process enabled the manufacturer to get models into production three times faster than before, with quick iterations, model improvement and  more robust experimentation across data science teams.

Value Generated

With AlignAI, the company has:

  • Significantly accelerated putting models into production by reducing time from a full calendar year to four months.
  • Enabled the automotive manufacturer to associated model improvements with business impact.
  • Increased throughput of models reaching production and improving their business value.

Value Brought By AlignAI

With AlignAI, the large automotive manufacturer has been provided with proven frameworks and templates to ensure that the company does not have to start from scratch when putting models into production. Now, the manufacturer has an immediate direction with an established process to ensure robust, high-quality models are ready for production. Finally, the manufacturer has streamlined the modeling process across the organization, to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in machine learning initiatives to realize ROI and satisfy business objectives.