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Designed to help organizations balance value, feasibility, and risk for data & AI initiatives. Our platform boosts adoption, alignment and ROI. Now you can ensure everyone is building the right solutions in the right way. Rollout and maintain your data & AI standards 10 times faster.

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Introducing playbooks

AlignAI’s extensive collection of 150+ Data & AI Topics are designed to help you effortlessly capture & share critical know-how throughout your company.

These industry-vetted playbooks serve as a foundation that can be customized to align with your company’s unique terminology, workflows, and tech stack. Whether you’re a data scientist or a marketing analyst, start with our playbooks to merge industry best practices with your reality.

How teams use AlignAI to solve their day-to-day problems

'Get 750 leaders to comply with our new procedure for downloading & sharing customer data...'

'Formalize data product requirements gathering across 25 business analysts this month...'

'Onboard new hires to our specific way of monitoring data pipelines & communicating issues'

'Stand up our first cross-functional MLOps team; defining the model life cycle, standard hand-offs & automations...'

'Set a process for accessing, evaluating and preparing data to be a trustworthy source for reporting & analysis...'

Explore how AlignAI can help your business

Equip your data users with up-to-date, relevant content at their fingertips

Share knowledge and docs, but don't start from scratch

With our templates, you're already 80% there, and simple edits allow for customization to match your company's unique terminology, workflows, and tech stack. Clients find joy in designing information rather than building traditional documents and slides, transforming the way knowledge is created.

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Your single source of truth never goes stale

AlignAI provides visibility into the adoption of knowledge, enabling you to see where and when it is being utilized. You can also observe how others reference and apply knowledge in their day-to-day work, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of its impact. With built-in monitoring and updating mechanisms, every bit of knowledge is kept up to date. Easy feedback loops enable continuous improvements, fostering collaboration and ensuring that specific data best practices are shared among teams.

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Not just another platform

Enhance existing workflows and unlock the untapped potential within your organization. By integrating seamlessly with your existing processes, AlignAI sharpens workflows and empowers your teams to reach new heights of productivity and efficiency.

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Why AlignAI?

Align your company to the data & AI best practices that truly work.

The brain of your organization

Data & AI practices change daily. We enable you to quickly to share the latest policies and procedures to be applied at your company. Always up to date as your workflows, standards, tools and people evolve.

Connect your existing tools

AlignAI is the central connection between your office productivity tools, wikis, learning management systems, knowledge bases and tech stack. We connect the dots to maximize adoption so you don’t have to.

Data and AI are a team sport

Executives, analysts, and interns may have different uses for the same data. Instead of one-size-fits-all, tailor playbooks to different audiences for hyper-relevancy. We help you ensure time is well spent and impactful.

Show real, quantifiable change

Built-in analytics for the adoption, compliance, maturity and ROI of your Data & AI capabilities. Plus the ability to create your own custom metrics on the fly.

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See why data & AI leaders love to work with us

AlignAI has been really easy to work with. When we’ve had specific questions about how to implement AI at our company and best practices, along with operational changes to consider, AlignAI has been a great partner.

Jason Schenk
Jason Schenk
Senior Director, Data & Analytics at COTA

I would absolutely recommend AlignAI to other managers. My experience was tremendous and will be forever grateful for the experience and the work we accomplished together I'm very proud of.

Bill Weger
Bill Weger
Head of Data & Analytics

AlignAI helped challenge us to think about practical applications and ROI of AI and gave us a stronger understanding of the complexity of deploying models in production. Thanks for helping us expand our skillsets so we can play a role in this transformation across the industry.

Liz Otley
Liz Otley
Vice President, Product

I am thoroughly impressed with AlignAI’s services and learning approach. They played a critical role in helping us build an educational program and see impact within strategic data capabilities like Data Enablement, DataOps, and Data Quality.

Sophia Mohr
Sophia Mohr
Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

AlignAI felt like a part of our team. They brought proven content, methods and best practices that could then be configured to our specific needs, maturity and people. The focus was on team collaboration, leveraging real-time approaches and hands-on experiences so our people gained confidence to apply what they learned quickly.

Ty Sonagere
Ty Sonagere
Director of Analytics


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The AI Activation Problem

It takes more than great tools for companies to successfully build and use AI.
The AlignAI team interviewed thought leaders and AI experts to understand the challenges teams face from various perspectives. We’d like to share their insights, and ours from working in the field, with you. Check out our free eBook, The AI Activation Problem, where we explore the challenges around enabling and scaling and the most effective ways to overcome them.

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