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Meet Angela Bucci, Sales Development Representative

March 31, 2023

Angela Bucci grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and joined AlignAI as a Sales Development Representative. Before coming to AlignAI, she had a position with the Cleveland Browns working in both their inside sales and corporate partnerships departments. This exposed her to business operations and building relationships.

Angela was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but moved to Ohio at the age of 3. Angela’s parents grew up in Cleveland but enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school. They were stationed in North Carolina and relocated back to be closer to the family after starting their own family. She is one of two children and has a brother, Joe who she has a close relationship. They both played a handful of different sports, including four-wheelers, hiking, fishing, track, and ice hockey. Angela’s favorite sport is ice hockey which she played for 13 years and played in tournaments across multiple states. She also won two state championships and one national championship during that time. Because of Angela’s experience with this sport, she learned the value of teamwork, perseverance, and striving towards a common goal, which she uses today. 

Given Angela’s passion for sports, she pursued a degree in health and business and a Master of Science in Sport Management, focusing on the business side. During her time in school, Angela realized she had an interest in business and operations. Connecting the dots, Angela realized she could bring her passion for team, business, and analytics together when joining AlignAI.

Growing up in Cleveland, Angela realized she wanted to stay in the state for college and live close to family. She was the first in her family to receive a four-year degree, Angela decided to keep furthering her education and received a Master's degree as well. This was a huge accomplishment that her family is proud of.

Angela loves learning about trends, and the industry of AI. Her passion for solving organizational problems contributes to helping organizations advance their capabilities through AlignAI. Whether it’s finance, healthcare, or insurance, she wants to help all organizations and build connections across multiple industries that are leaning into AI and MLOps. She understands that a lot of organizations are cross-functional and wants to help bridge the gap.

When not at work, Angela enjoys spending time in the gym, being outdoors, and continuing to be active. She is a sports junkie through and through and spends her free time indulging in it.