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Case Study

Manufacturing: Data Governance & Certification

June 10, 2024
Customer Background Project Outline
A prominent steel manufacturer with over 10K employees, aimed to centralize its data governance processes to provide a cohesive view of operations and performance metrics that leadership could trust. Create a centralized "Command Center" for executives to efficiently access, trust, and leverage operational data o get to critical insights faster. The Command Center significantly improved operational efficiency and data quality. Executives now have reliable nd quick access to essential metrics and the central analytics team can ship updates faster.
The Approach
  • Use Cases: Identify, prioritize, and catalog the most critical reports for executive decision-making.
  • Data Governance Playbooks: Developed data management playbooks to ensure uniform implementation across teams.
  • Governed Data Assets: AlignAI checklists that data sets go through to be governed with status updates and certifications.
  • Solution Documents: Provide user enablement resources to increase the context and trust of analytic solutions for executive leadership.
Success Metrics
  • Command Center Utilization: Executives can access business-critical metrics easier and faster with more confidence.
  • Increased Data Literacy & Governance:: Developed and implemented consistent data standards to nhance data-driven decisions and trust in data and metrics.
  • Operational Improvements: Analytics team has an improved operational efficiency and reduction in dependency for ad-hoc data requests.
AlignAI Package
To achieve these results, the company invested in a comprehensive AlignAI package:
  • AlignAI Platform: Starter license with Playbook Studio, Playbook Library, Use Case Catalog, and Solution Repository.
  • Data Governance Support: Assistance in designing robust data standards and governance frameworks that will certify data sets.
  • Program Management Support: Streamlined project and product management processes for the analytics team.