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Case Study

Healthcare Marketing: Data Self-Service & Enablement

June 10, 2024
Customer Background Project Outline
A large healthcare provider of 11k employees wants their marketing strategists to be more data-driven to improve campaign performance. “Empower our marketing strategists with self-service data dashboards, enhancing productivity and minimizing dependency on analysts.” The AlignAI platform empowered a self-service environment, enabling strategists to effectively use data to improve campaigns.
The Approach
  • Role Specific Playbooks: Procedures for data catalog onboarding and collaboration to make meaningful improvements to existing dashboards.
  • Best Practices:: Data storytelling techniques and strategies to turn dashboards into actionable insights.
  • Use Case Registry: Cataloging business objectives and key questions to answer with dashboard solutions.
  • Solution Documents: Clear, use-case-specific dashboard guides to drive more usage and capture feedback.
Success Metrics
  • Dashboard Utilization:: Significant increase in the use of dashboards by marketing strategists.
  • Campaign Performance: Measurable improvements in campaign outcomes due to data-driven strategies.
  • Turnaround Time: Quicker time to dashboard releases and updates due to rollout support.
  • Analyst Independence: Increased capacity of analysts by 20% to refocus efforts on data and dashboard improvements instead of drafting insights.
AlignAI Package
To achieve these results, the company invested in a comprehensive AlignAI package:
  • AlignAI Platform: Starter license with Playbook Studio, Playbook Library, Use Case Catalog, and Solution Repository.
  • Live Training: Specialized data storytelling training for marketing strategists.
  • Data Catalog Onboarding Support: Services for seamless integration to assist in onboarding use cases to the data catalog.