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Case Study

Financial Services: AI Literacy & Enablement

June 10, 2024
Customer Background Project Outline
A major financial services company with over 20K employees wants to save $20M leveraging AI while connecting their AI COE to business units. Enable more employees with “everyday AI” tools and drive adoption, identify “game changing” AI use cases to collaborate with the COE on. The AlignAI platform increased AI literacy, registered high-value AI use cases, and drove increased collaboration between the COE and the business.
The Approach
  • Role Specific Playbooks: AI Foundations playbooks that highlight company-specific AI policies and tools available for each person in the organization.
  • Best Practices: AI prompting best practices and how to identify and scope a use case for AI.
  • Use Case Registry: Business users leveraged our use case copilot to identify strategic opportunities and inefficiencies that AI can support.
  • Enablement Playbooks: Catalog of real examples of AI usage across the enterprise to drive adoption.
Success Metrics
  • Increased Copilot Utilization: More associates leveraging Microsoft M365 Copilot in their everyday tasks with a monthly 30% lift, saving an estimated total of 5,000 per week.
  • More, High-Value AI Use Cases Identified: $25M of value identified over 6 top AI use cases derived by the finance department.
  • Increased Data & AI Literacy: Survey results show a lift in Data & AI Literacy across roles by 30%, driving more participation in data & AI initiatives and adoption.
AlignAI Package
To achieve these results, the company invested in a comprehensive AlignAI package:
  • AlignAI Platform: Starter license with Playbook Studio, Playbook Library, Use Case Catalog, and Solution Repository.
  • Live Training: Enablement training for Microsoft M365 Copilot for over 1,000 associates across the enterprise + office hours.
  • GenAI Solution Design & Development Support: Assist in designing and building custom generative AI solutions with the AI COE team.