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Case Studies

Enterprise Data Platform Roll-out

November 27, 2023

Playbook to Modernize  Data Engineering Technologies - Case Study

Business Challenge

A global raw materials enterprise sought out AlignAI to restructure the internal documentation process to drive workflow efficiency throughout the organization. The enterprise aimed to reduce documentation time and scale technical capabilities around the data engineering team. The six-person central team had 100 data engineers who were leveraging the documentation. The company brought AlignAI in to ensure that the documentation followed the organization’s internal protocols, governance regulations, and technology stack. The enterprise used AlignAI to decrease documentation time so engineering teams could focus on the next problem: restructuring the modern architecture to reduce the number of data pipelines.

Business Solution

The enterprise needed AlignAI to reduce friction and shoulder taps across the organization. The enterprise leveraged an AlignAI playbook to document a repeatable process for new data engineers to deploy pipelines successfully. AlignAI created and relayed information for data engineering best practices and the processes needed to achieve the overarching goal of platform modernization. 

Solution process:

  • Discovery - Requirement gathering sessions with the central data platform team and data engineers to analyze the current architecture for opportunities around: processing, ERP, and how to fine-tune processes to increase financial effectiveness.
  • Alignment - AlignAI built a playbook, ideated with the central data platform and engineering teams and relayed feedback to the company to ensure successful processes and data architecture practices. 
  • Implementation - Deploy playbook content to the organization on standardizable and governable data processing and pipeline techniques to instill technical problem-solving skills across the organization.
  • Sustainability - Team members thoroughly understand and implement data pipeline and architecture concepts, tooling, and processes used.

Value Generated

With AlignAI, the enterprise has:

  • Increased speed and reduced time to onboarding new data engineers to build pipelines - leading to less headaches and shoulder taps by making the team more technical problem solvers. 
  • Heighted communication and coordination between teams by implementing a modern platform for standardizable and governable data pipelines during data processing. 
  • Created a sustainable data architecture process across the central data platform and data engineering teams to increase financial effectiveness.

Value Brought By AlignAI

With AlignAI, the raw materials enterprise has developed a shared understanding of the importance of standardizable and governanable documentation to become more data-driven and efficient. By using AlignAI, the enterprise has created change across the organization to leverage the best practices for building data pipelines that are reliable and avoid data quality issues. Finally, the raw materials enterprise has seen an increase in data-driven decision making to achieve financial success by prioritizing data inside the organization.