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Case Study

Enterprise Automotive - Data Literacy Accelerator

July 26, 2023

AlignAI enabled 20+ cross functional employees to access and analyze strategic datasets in a consistent manner


AlignAI helped enterprise automotive data science team increase the access and knowledge of a key data set. The enterprise set out to democratize data sets of driver behavior. Like many teams, they struggled to provide access and context to enable meaningful insights across the organization. This limited the value and impact of the data collected. AlignAI set out to develop a learning program to teach the team how to work with data with a focus on a particular data set.

Data Enablement Methods

AlignAI helped the enterprise drive data literacy with the following proven methods: 

  • Data Access - established and shared process for accessing data via API with Jupyter Notebooks. 
  • Data Quality - demonstrated how to quantify data quality to trust data.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis - taught best practices for understanding and exploring data.
  • Python for Analytics  - included examples and education around utilizing Python for more advanced analytics.
  • Data Mesh - established decentralized, self-service oriented data product outside of centralized warehouse.
  • Data Catalog - created data catalog to provide information and context on the data set.


AlignAI worked with the innovation and data teams to develop customized learning and methods to promote literacy for engineers and scientists across the organization.

  • Discovery - understood the learning needs and strategic objectives of the enterprise.
  • Learning Curriculum - developed customized materials and examples tailored to the enterprise’s tools and data.
  • Knowledge Transfer - enabled the enterprise team to deliver the curriculum.


This engagement enabled the enterprise team to:

  • Rollout company-specific best practices for data enablement & literacy for strategic datasets to Associates - How to access and work with strategic datasets on their own.
  • Handover agile development of new content - live exercises, interactive notebooks, and pilot demo videos.
  • Follow standard operating procedures and best practices on how to facilitate the course, including the live workshops.

Data Literacy Solution for Enterprise Automotive