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AlignAI Partners with ReynCon to Help Security Teams Get Ready for AI

August 25, 2023

Columbus, Ohio – 08/24/2023 – AlignAI and ReynCon are excited to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining ReynCon’s industry-leading cyber security training and consulting services with AlignAI’s expertise in artificial intelligence.

AlignAI will be teaming up with ReynCon Educational Services & Training (REST) to offer a new content covering the fundamentals of AI and critical elements that security teams must consider. As AI becomes more widely adopted in the enterprise, it’s crucial that security teams understand how to protect their organization from data leaks, attacks on AI systems, and compliance issues.

“We are approached often from security teams wanting to learn how these models work. They want to understand what type of vulnerabilities exist within their walls and with the flood of new AI tools entering the market. They are trying to keep up with their Innovation teams that want to make sure their company is not falling behind. It’s a balance and there is currently a lot of pressure.” - Rehgan Avon, CEO of AlignAI

“AI is hitting all of us as a perfect storm. Security practitioners can’t just say “No” to the business. We need to understand the business case and how powerful AI can be. AI isn’t different from other emerging technologies; what governance and frameworks do you have in place? What risks do you need to consider, and what is your appetite? - Connie Matthews, CEO of ReynCon

Generative AI introduces more uncertainty and risk into the ecosystem. It is unclear how external tools are leveraging and storing data, what the true accuracy of the results coming back from these tools are, and what sort of unintended harm could result from utilizing outputs. 

Another Columbus-based company, Mantium, is also focused on helping enterprises implement a security layer for their generative AI initiatives. Quoted from a recent blog post, “In the realm of generative AI, the importance of security cannot be overstated. These platforms often deal with sensitive data, encompassing personal details and proprietary business information. A lapse in security could result in data theft, privacy infringements, and substantial harm to a company’s reputation.” - Ryan Sevey, Co-Founder & CEO of Mantium.

The timing could not be better for AlignAI and ReynCon to collaborate on this topic. Education is the first step in understanding what adjustments need to be addressed. Establishing and operationalizing frameworks is the only way to govern these initiatives.

About AlignAI

AlignAI was founded in 2020 to help companies easily capture their data and AI policies and procedures to ensure everyone in their organization is aligned and compliant. AlignAI takes the pain out of building critical know-how and makes it seamless to capture, improve and publish institutional knowledge around data and AI.

Companies are leveraging data and AI more than ever. The challenges they are facing now center around a desire to transform their companies effectively and efficiently. As organizations mature, they must support brand new capabilities and ensure that they have well defined standards around the development and usage of data and AI.

Contact AlignAI at info@getalignai.com for more details.

About ReynCon LLC.

ReynCon was formed to create a sense of community by bringing together security practitioners and individuals who want to build their skills - whether you are new to our field, building skills for growth, or would like to create a more cross-functional skill-set.  

The Cybersecurity domain is constantly evolving, and continuous learning is a necessity. 

ReynCon assists individuals and companies keep pace with this rapidly transforming field. Our approach is to take a holistic, cross-functional, and complete approach to provide a strategic solution. We provide strategic, relevant, and timely Training and professional services. 

Companies that invest in Training and Development are responsible for keeping their data secure and committed to building their teams for success.