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Case Studies

Advancing Healthcare Through AI

November 27, 2023

Implementing responsible AI with Data Literacy - Case Study

Business Challenge

The central data team in a large non-profit hospital needed to educate business stakeholders on Large Language Models (LLMs), generative AI, risk mitigation with AI, and how AI impact can bring value to the company. The hospital’s leadership team needed to share this AI knowledge with hundreds of people across the organization. The non-profit hospital sought out AlignAI to bring clarity across departments by providing relevant use cases and partnering with stakeholders to implement responsible and successful AI within the entire organization.

Business Solution

The healthcare organization leveraged AlignAI’s AI Literacy playbook to upskill employees and create a shared and aligned understanding of AI knowledge. AlignAI provided the non-profit with a customized playbook for their internal use cases, specific needs, and risks for AI in healthcare. 

Solution process:

  • Discovery - AlignAI interviewed the central data team, business stakeholders, and executive leadership to identify the most significant challenges and highlight relevant points for the audiences.
  • Alignment - AlignAI tailored the AI literacy playbook to be company-specific and highly relevant. This helped meet the company’s needs while reducing risks. AlignAI also aligned the playbook with security standards and leadership to create alignment and approval of the playbook.
  • Implementation - Piloted and delivered the AI literacy playbook to the organization and recorded the playbook so it can be referenced in the future and throughout the organization.
  • Sustainability - AlignAI aligned the departments on AI Literacy concepts, tooling, standards, risks, and processes to enable consistent growth and knowledge of AI throughout the organization.

Value Generated

With AlignAI, the healthcare organization has:

  • Oriented their organization to be AI literate “in a matter of weeks instead of building an internal playbook that would have taken several months.”
  • Increased speed to roll out knowledge-sharing across the organization by reducing building, training, and adoption time to rollout new capabilities “3x faster.”
  • Reduced risk by educating the business on the regulatory components and security considerations.

Value Brought By AlignAI

With AlignAI, the healthcare hospital has created a shared understanding around AI literacy and the best practices for AI knowledge, usage, and regulatory concerns. Through using AlignAI, the healthcare organization can now explain and implement AI in a valuable way through the content that has been provided to the company. The hospital can now mitigate AI risks by applying AI knowledge into their strategic decisions by offering contextual reasonings to fulfill company objectives. Finally, the healthcare organization can now sustain organizational alignment to AI practices and develop interactivity between teams that were unable to occur prior to the interaction with AlignAI.