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Roll out new capabilities with confidence, address skill gaps, and grow AI in your organization.
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Build Institutional Knowledge

AlignAI reduces the friction that AI leaders experience when maturing their company’s AI processes, technical capabilities, and expertise.

"You get one chance to make a good impression, so don't squander that chance"

Connect Teams

(And their Data Knowledge)

Before AlignAI

After AlignAI

Pockets of knowledge and 'best practices' exist in department silos.
One shared base of Data & AI knowledge, specific to your company.
Data capabilities, processes, and documentation are inconsistent.
Reference, teach and build relevant knowledge to enable new capabilities every day.
Home-grown knowledge transfer structures are not built to scale across teams.
Top employees are sharing company-specific data best practices continually.
Technical teams are frustrated with the amount of time it takes to train others.
People enjoy creating new learning content, designing information instead of building slides.
Off the shelf training is not leading to actual change in the way we work.
Employees are learning-by-doing everyday in the flow of their work

No holistic view of data skills across the organization as a whole.
A map of data skills in line with strategic capabilities, updated as learning, teaching and projects are completed.
“The changing of roles is  the scariest part for people. It's the most challenging, difficult thing to deal with because they don't know what they'll be working on or what is expected of them. That's the biggest challenge”

Level Up Faster

Roll out new capabilities with confidence.

Before AlignAI

After AlignAI

Rollout a Capability
Rollout a Capability
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
“Adoption is the longest tail of capability rollout. Typically 6 months to 1 year to do any capability /program rollout”

Scale AI Capabilities

Track and adjust your knowledge base as capabilities evolve.

Build individual skills to compliment team capabilities with coordinated learning paths.

Drive accountability, connect learning modules to on-the-job application.

Get detailed insights to team engagement and progress, all in one dashboard.

"The function of data and analytics (beyond providing data), is providing the model of how to think about the organization... How to think about the system"