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AI or Die is the podcast where we hang out and talk about trends, news, and the great debate of AI. In each episode, hosts (and friends) Rehgan, Nick, and Brendan discuss topics and news in the data & AI space.

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Ep 09 - Data Security for AI Models Ft. Jason Montgomery

This week we are joined by Jason Montgomery. Jason is an entrepreneur with almost 30 years of combined experience in systems, software, and cybersecurity engineering in the Data and AI space. Over his career he has worked with Fortune 500s, startups, and government agencies (Department of Defense) to specialize on system hardening and application security. He has Co-Founded and served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at two Ohio startups - making him an influential leader for product and enterprise security, cybersecurity, and generative AI.

Currently, Jason is the Co-Founder and CTO of his second startup company: Mantium, which combines cybersecurity and AI into a platform that allows companies to communicate with generative AI models in a secure and responsible way through robust security controls and measures.

On this episode, we discuss the Bipartisan Framework for the U.S. AI Act. We also talk about regulations, risk management, building vs. buying generative AI, permission access for models & systems, and secure approaches for leveraging generative AI.

Linkedin: Jason Montgomery

Mantium Website

Mantium Security Whitepaper

Ep 08 - AI Strategy & Governance Ft. Salema Rice

Welcome back to episode 8. This week we are joined by Salema Rice. Salema is the CEO and Founder of CDO Today. Throughout the course of her career, she has established a decorative portfolio by being a builder, lawmaker, and a strategic driver within the Data and AI space. Salema has been an industry Chief Data Officer (CDO) for almost 20 years and has thrived within the industry for over 25 years. She is on several boards and has spent time as the Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Global Managing Director of Applied Intelligence at Accenture.

Now, with CDO Today, she finds herself in a Strategic Advisor role, as she works with hundreds of C-Level Executives by creating a "think tank" for CDOs by CDOs. It is a private community, with executive mentorship, board advisory, and thought leadership to nuture peer-peer relationships. CDO Today allows Salema to be a voice for the industry, especially during this new era of evolutionary technology.

On this week's episode, we discuss a few key considerations around AI Strategy, Data Quality, and Data Governance. How are CDOs thinking about AI Strategy? Are big companies waiting for guidelines to be established so they can adopt them or are they developing these guidelines internally? Salema offers her insight on how to build an AI strategy, along with, how critical data can be used to solve organizational problems.

Salema Rice Linkedin:

Ep 07 - Treating Data & AI as Products

This week Rehgan Avon, Nick Woo, and Brendan Kelly meet in-person to chat about recent news in the data and AI world, along with, several other key topics.

We discuss how data has transformed into being a product, rather than a project. Not to mention, how the user experience (UX) can benefit from leveraging data in their flow of work. Many organizations and teams are wondering how to learn from and validate generative AI. We talk about how generative AI is a single component within the large realm of the data and AI ecosystem.

We talk through practices for how to use Large Language Models (LLMs) by providing context within prompts to drive better results from the models.

Ep 06 - Scaling MLOps ft. Michael Cavaretta of Ford Motors

This week we are joined by Michael Cavaretta of Ford Motors. Mike is currently an Analytics Executive in manufacturing at Ford Motors.

We discuss scaling MLOps in an organization and delivering capabilities. Not to mention, incorporating models into a critical operation.

Many organizations struggle to have business outcomes from implementing MLOps, we discuss how Mike is currently addressing that within his current organization.

We teamed up with Ford Motors recently to write a playbook, check it out in our resources.

Ep 05 - Law & AI Ft. Carole Piovesan

This week we are joined by Carole Piovensan. Carole is Managing Partner at INQ Law, focusing her practice on privacy, cyber incident response, data governance, and artificial intelligence (AI) risk management. She regularly counsels clients on a wide range of matters related to privacy, cyber readiness and breach response, data governance, ethical AI, and responsible innovation. On this week's episode, we discuss what she’s hearing from clients around AI & law, use cases, points of concern, big opportunities long term, etc.

  • Google showing you AI-generated ads. How are internet ads going to change with AI?
  • AI Regulation discussion & how we predict it to unfold
  • Governance leaders & how they are leveraging stewards. Bringing people and processes together.
  • Fractional CDO/CAO/CTO - Caution against it or lean into it?
  • New York City cracking down on using AI to hire and recruit.
  • Guidance and regulations for AI
  • Bridging regulation gaps internally
  • What constitutes good data quality?
  • Country-wide regulations around research and development around models and AI