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AI or Die is the podcast where we hang out and talk about trends, news, and the great debate of AI. In each episode, hosts (and friends) Rehgan, Nick, and Brendan discuss topics and news in the data & AI space.

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Ep 07 - Treating Data & AI as Products

This week Rehgan Avon, Nick Woo, and Brendan Kelly meet in-person to chat about recent news in the data and AI world, along with, several other key topics.

We discuss how data has transformed into being a product, rather than a project. Not to mention, how the user experience (UX) can benefit from leveraging data in their flow of work. Many organizations and teams are wondering how to learn from and validate generative AI. We talk about how generative AI is a single component within the large realm of the data and AI ecosystem.

We talk through practices for how to use Large Language Models (LLMs) by providing context within prompts to drive better results from the models.

Ep 06 - Scaling MLOps ft. Michael Cavaretta of Ford Motors

This week we are joined by Michael Cavaretta of Ford Motors. Mike is currently an Analytics Executive in manufacturing at Ford Motors.

We discuss scaling MLOps in an organization and delivering capabilities. Not to mention, incorporating models into a critical operation.

Many organizations struggle to have business outcomes from implementing MLOps, we discuss how Mike is currently addressing that within his current organization.

We teamed up with Ford Motors recently to write a playbook, check it out in our resources.

Ep 05 - Law & AI Ft. Carole Piovesan

This week we are joined by Carole Piovensan. Carole is Managing Partner at INQ Law, focusing her practice on privacy, cyber incident response, data governance, and artificial intelligence (AI) risk management. She regularly counsels clients on a wide range of matters related to privacy, cyber readiness and breach response, data governance, ethical AI, and responsible innovation. On this week's episode, we discuss what she’s hearing from clients around AI & law, use cases, points of concern, big opportunities long term, etc.

  • Google showing you AI-generated ads. How are internet ads going to change with AI?
  • AI Regulation discussion & how we predict it to unfold
  • Governance leaders & how they are leveraging stewards. Bringing people and processes together.
  • Fractional CDO/CAO/CTO - Caution against it or lean into it?
  • New York City cracking down on using AI to hire and recruit.
  • Guidance and regulations for AI
  • Bridging regulation gaps internally
  • What constitutes good data quality?
  • Country-wide regulations around research and development around models and AI

Ep 04 - LLMs in the Enterprise, Can They Trust Them?

This week we are joined by Pete Gordon.

Pete has worked with many companies to build NLP solutions. Pete believes that beautiful things happen when Statistics and Software come together on the Internet to bring Automated Inference (AI) and the ideal User Experience.

This week we cover topics:

  • Update from Nick at the conference he’s attending in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Why are companies avoiding data governance right now?
  • Why Cyber Security should care about AI.
  • Paradigm shift and digital transformation with ChatGPT.
  • How much impact will this have on workers (programmers, data scientists, and writers)
  • The AI Revolution. How previous revolutions replaced or accelerated the past technologies we use today.
  • How start-ups have embraced AI and why.
  • Word embeddings with OpenAI

Ep 03 - Is MLOps just hard mode for Data Engineering?

In this episode, we cover:

  • GDPR violation of ChatGPT
  • Why companies shouldn't wait to implement AI
  • Emerging Tutorials for Documenting
  • Is MLOps mostly data engineering? (hot take)