Cross-skill for AI, the hands-on and methodical way.
Interactive labs designed to help you learn in-demand AI skills with real experiences in a safe environment.
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Bring Data & AI Concepts to Life

Beyond model development, model mass-production.

Experience scaled AI operations in real time, solve problems solo or as teams.

Developed by a network of practitioners, AlignAI Labs simulates the operational problems faced as AI teams grow in size and capabilities.

Optimized for Learning AI

Apply modern AI concepts in a safe environment.

Learn AI skills faster with interactive exercises and tutorials.
Learn at the pace of the business with self-paced and live courses.
Custom Learning Paths
Focus on what is important to learn next for you and your team with built-in analytics.

Go Beyond the Textbook

Learn by doing. Solve operational AI problems that feel real.

  • Interactive environment to learn concepts in MLOps, Data Quality, DataOps, and more...

  • Complete simulated & guided challenges in a no-risk ecosystem.

  • Track your progress in gaining skills and mastering core concepts.

Build Capabilities Strategically

Learn together. Understand team skills and capabilities in harmony.

  • Build individual skills to compliment team capabilities with coordinated learning paths.

  • Drive accountability, connect learning modules to on-the-job application.

  • Get detailed insights to team engagement and progress, all in one dashboard.

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