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AlignAI is your skills partner for Data, Analytics & AI capabilities.

Our proven knowledge base, configured for your specific...

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Knowledge Base

We bring a foundation of proven methods & best practices.

Self Service

Data Enablement & Fluency
Data Stewardship & Quality
Data Storytelling
Leveraging Insights


AI & Data Product Mgmt
Agile for Analytics
Analytics Project &
Portfolio Mgmt


Data Engineering
ML Engineering
"With AlignAI, the team brings insights and perspectives about the data domain that can easily be applied immediately..."


Not one size fits all.

What's in it for me?

The last mile of adoption - how to apply learning within your unique company environment.

We focus on what each person needs to know to support AI in their specific role.

"Our logistics analysts will play a role in improving the data quality of the in-store transactions data."

"Store managers are struggling to interpret the inventory dashboards deployed by D&A"

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“The changing of roles is  the scariest part for people. It's the most challenging, difficult thing to deal with because they don't know what they'll be working on or what is expected of them. That's the biggest challenge”

Capabilities at Scale

AI is cross-functional, learning should be too.

Beyond Engagement Metrics

Learning data to drive business outcomes.

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