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AI is cross-functional,
training should be too.

Proven Frameworks.
The latest in training content, derived directly from industry experience.

Proven Applications.
Blended learning modes and just-in-time availability so teams can apply concepts and make an impact more quickly.

Proven Service.
White glove partnership experience to align content, people, and timing with your strategic goals.

Built to Scale.
Whether it's targeted training or an in-house AI University, we help you design the optimal learning plan to get there.

How AlignAI Stacks Up




Blend of self-paced solo and live group collaborative learning
Learn on the teacher's schedule
No schedule
We collaborate on schedule, you learn from anywhere
One teacher for many students
No teacher-student connection
Your tailored team of practitioners and peers
Show up to class
Watch videos when you make time
Get a personal coach - motivating, keeping schedule, tracking growth
What teams are doing today and how to apply tomorrow
Learning path, coaching and project work designed specifically for you

You’re in good hands

“In every engagement with AlignAI, the team brings insights and perspectives about the data domain that can easily be applied immediately and have an actionable data strategy roadmap to go with it. The team brings a lot of experience and technical capability to the problems being solved. My team enjoys working with the folks at AlignAI because it is never a transactional relationship but a partnership that allows everyone to be included in the data journey. ”

Director of Connected Technologies Research, Large Automotive Manufacturer

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