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Your company's hub to align on data & AI initiatives

The AlignAI platform connects every function in your company to the right workflows, policies, and resources to get value from data and AI solutions quickly & safely.

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The AlignAI Hub

Explore the AlignAI platform

The first people-centric platform designed to help organizations balance value, feasibility and risk for data and AI initiatives. The AlignAI Hub intelligently manages AI use cases, critical workflows, and the global view of adoption & controls in one place.

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Drive Visibility on AI Initiatives Across the Enterprise

Coordinate on ongoing changes, drive solution adoption, and govern efforts all in one place!

Manage & track AI use cases, drive enablement of solutions, capture ROI, and govern AI against company policies and standards.

  • Playbook Studio & Library

  • Use Case Catalog

  • Solution Registry


AI Use


Time Savings in Driving
AI Adoption


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AlignAI to Others

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Board, Executive
& Operational Leaders

  • Quickly adapt with realtime insights to AI adoption & controls at your company

  • See a global view of AI use cases being submitted & deployed across the enterprise

  • Align your AI knowledge to what employees are actually applying today

  • Create in-house AI communities centered around best practices

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Data, AI, Innovation
& OpEx Teams

  • Share your AI know-how with hundreds of colleagues in mere minutes

  • Handover AI solutions, setting defined roles & workflows for end-users to support

  • Ensure docs, content & resources are always easy to find and up to date

  • Source AI use cases from business partners that align to actual capabilities & capacity

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Governance, Security
& Risk Teams

  • Deploy specific policies, controls & metrics for widespread AI use

  • Ensure employee alignment, acknowledgement & adherence as part of every AI solution rollout

  • Set consistent gates for review and approval with working teams, councils & COEs

  • Ensure artifact updates & versioning are managed and communicated

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AI End-Users

  • Get shortcuts to the most valuable ways to use AI in your specific role

  • Use AI responsibly, in-line with relevant company policies, standards and best practices

  • Share AI use cases & ideas with the teams developing solutions at your company

  • Quickly find the latest AI content, knowledge, and best practices at your company, all in one trusted place

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...AI use cases identification, requirements, prioritization and communication


...quantitative and qualitative benefits for AI solutions


...widespread Copilot/Generative AI adoption and value

Deploy and team specific resources to guide responsible AI use


...regulatory reporting and policy documentation for AI


...a single source of truth for AI knowledge, practices and documentation

Create ways for people to engage with AI tools, teams and processes


...consistent gates for collaborative AI development and deployment

See why data & AI leaders love to work with us

Jason Schenk
Jason Schenk
Jason Schenk
Senior Director, Data & Analytics at COTA

AlignAI has been really easy to work with. When we’ve had specific questions about how to implement AI at our company and best practices, along with operational changes to consider, AlignAI has been a great partner.

Bill Weger
Bill Weger
Bill Weger
Head of Data & Analytics

I would absolutely recommend AlignAI to other managers. My experience was tremendous and will be forever grateful for the experience and the work we accomplished together I'm very proud of.

Liz Otley
Liz Otley
Liz Otley
Vice President, Product

AlignAI helped challenge us to think about practical applications and ROI of AI and gave us a stronger understanding of the complexity of deploying models in production. Thanks for helping us expand our skillsets so we can play a role in this transformation across the industry.

Sophia Mohr
Sophia Mohr
Sophia Mohr
Chief Innovation and Technology Officer

I am thoroughly impressed with AlignAI’s services and learning approach. They played a critical role in helping us build an educational program and see impact within strategic data capabilities like Data Enablement, DataOps, and Data Quality.

Ty Sonagere
Ty Sonagere
Ty Sonagere
Director of Analytics

AlignAI felt like a part of our team. They brought proven content, methods and best practices that could then be configured to our specific needs, maturity and people. The focus was on team collaboration, leveraging real-time approaches and hands-on experiences so our people gained confidence to apply what they learned quickly.

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