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Case Study

Children's Hospital Case Study

April 7, 2023

Data Stewardship & Quality: TechCred Course Offering – Healthcare


A Children’s Hospital located in Ohio approached us with a few goals...

  • Initiated by the Chief Data & Analytics Officer, the hospital needed to align operations staff on Data Stewardship & Quality terms & concepts.
  • Leverage our base course with TechCred reimbursement to upskill 20+ technical and business associates across functions 
  • Start aligning on Data Quality practices as a cross-functional organization. Use new capabilities to improve intake of data quality requests and overall governance of datasets in teams.


Provided base training courses and facilitated live training sessions across multiple cohorts on Data Stewardship & Quality. 

AlignAI Approach

  • AlignAI facilitated upfront conversations with the data leader to understand goals and budget constraints.
  • Determined Ohio TechCred as a viable option to get learning started while budget constraints would be addressed internally. 
  • Selected Data Stewardship & Quality as the appropriate first course for the team members in scope.
  • Worked with Data Leader and HR Liaison to submit the course for reimbursement during the application window.
  • Planned out live training sessions with team members that included foundational concepts and group discussions focused on practical application.

Course Outcomes

Introduce Data Stewardship & Quality roles and processes that team members could take back to their area and begin to apply.  Align team members across departments on standards to enable consistent growth of the data and analytics function throughout the organization.    

Attendees walk away with:

  • An understanding of the importance and concepts of Data Stewardship, Quality, and Governance.
  • The ability to curate and contextualize a data set as a Data Steward using a Data Catalog and Data Walk.
  • Tactics for improving the quality of a data set using clear Data Quality Requirements and Monitoring.
  • Next steps for managing the risk of analytics using a governance framework (including role-based access control, metadata, and lineage). 


  • Students learn how to build in context, structure, and quality from data capture through curation.  
  • Data Leaders walk away with an understanding of existing gaps in processes and skills.
  • Establish a foundation of learning and collaboration to address data quality consistently and apply changes in respective areas.
  • Generate cultural momentum around learning and applying analytics best practices.