Analytics & AI Foundations

‍Align your team to the vision of analytics in your organization.

This course is for individuals who may not have data skills, and are looking to start with the foundational concepts.
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Designed to address real operational pains...

This course introduces the concepts and terminology of AI and analytics. Overview of the benefits of tying analytics to clear business objectives, prioritization of analytics initiatives, intentional user-centric design when creating analytics products, and an overview of the analytics life cycle along with roles and responsibilities.

  • Misalignment - What is possible with data, analytics & AI?

  • Unclear Vision - What does a successful analytics capability look like?

  • Lack of Structure - What are the operational keys to success?

Build capabilities, one skill at a time.

Course Learning Path

Set the foundational life cycle, processes, roles and responsibilities involved to develop, deploy and monitor operational analytic solutions.


Align the design & development efforts for analytic solutions to user environment, practical needs and business impact.


Define future state requirements for the processes, roles and communication to integrate new solutions in operations and ultimately scale analytics capabilities.

Make an Impact

Key Course Learning Outcomes
  • Increase the impact, quality, and adoption of analytics solutions.

  • Understand and explain the roles & responsibilities of the data and analytics workstream.

  • Leverage best practices to increase the quality, speed, and alignment of analytics.

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I felt like we hit our stride and were sharing organizational context and prior experiences alongside course concepts in a way that elevated the training. I really enjoyed our discussions.

Asst. Director of Data & Analytics, K-12 Education System