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Gain in-demand AI skills the hands on and methodical way.
Real projects, real practitioners and a real career impact.
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Some of the companies that train their teams with AlignAI

One Small Step

In a sea of certificates and badges, stand out with real project experience and applied skills.

Learn AI skills faster with interactive exercises and tutorials.
Learn at the pace of your career with both self-paced and live delivery.
Custom Learning Paths
Focus on what is important to learn next with built-in learning analytics.

What You Will Learn

How to approach the real world challenges of AI in production

  • Interactive environments to learn concepts in MLOps, Data Quality, DataOps, and more...

  • Complete simulated & guided challenges in a no-risk ecosystem.

  • Track your progress in gaining skills and mastering core concepts.

Never Go Alone

Connect with real practitioners to help you strategize the tangible application of learning.

Your Instructor
Bringing best practices from the trenches to your desk.
Your Coach
Specialized in making content relatable to your environment.
Your Cohort
Peers on a similar learning path. Matched with you based on background and environment.

ML Engineering

Learn how to build production-grade machine learning applications.

Applications Open

Data Stewardship & Quality

Learn how to build in context, structure, and quality from data capture through curation.

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How AlignAI Stacks Up




High barrier to entry, usually involving student loans
Subscribe and get what everyone else gets
Simple application, inclusive community of peers & practitioners
Learn on the teacher's schedule
No schedule
We collaborate on schedule, you learn from anywhere
One teacher for many students
No teacher-student connection
Your tailored team of practitioners and peers
You are one of hundreds in a lecture
Watch videos when you make time
Get a personal coach - motivating, keeping schedule, tracking growth
Not updated frequently
Unchanged to maximize profits
Constantly updated as best practices in the field evolve
Zero customization for individuals
Zero customization for individuals
Learning path, coaching and project work designed specifically for you
Single Classes For Individuals

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  • Self-paced solo learning
  • Hands-on AlignAI lab environment
  • Vetted industry teacher-practitioners
  • Learning analytics to track your progress & skillsets
    Latest methods & best-practices from real AI teams
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AI University

Enable & Scale AI Together
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  • Tailored content & experiences for your employees
  • Collaboration with Technical Teams on applied learning
  • Individual learning paths
  • On the job project coaching
  • Aligned to your strategy
    Progress & impact analytics for leaders & learners

You’re in good hands

I felt like we hit our stride and were sharing organizational context and prior experiences alongside course concepts in a way that elevated the training. I really enjoyed our discussions.

Asst. Director of Data & Analytics, K-12 Education System

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